Sean Auto Logistics and Saocomm International Group LLC provide an array of services domestically within the United States, and for international markets. The services list as follows:

Domestic Services

  • Auto Auction Purchasing
  • Auto Detailing / Interior
  • Auto Detailing / Exterior
  • Towing (Lower 48 States)

International Services

  • Freight Forwarding / Logistics
  • Global Concierge Auto Service
  • Commodities Procurement
  • Customs Advisory Services
  • Tow-to-Port Services

Our Global Concierge Auto Purchase program is most relevant with our international clients. Through our agency, clients located in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are able to select and acquire vehicles of all makes and models available to the U.S. market. We package our vehicle procurement with freight forwarding services, thus enabling us to secure the delivery of the vehicle to virtually all port destinations throughout the world. This program’s features are also applicable to industrial equipment, including construction machines, extractive industries machines, and agricultural development machines.

Sean Auto Logistics also offers complete door-to-door service of quoting, packing, customs clearance and delivery for personal effects and household goods worldwide. From small shipments to large shipments, our staff will provide the most effective, efficient and economical way to ship. These services are offered for ocean freight.

For the markets in the US, and particularly in the Maryland region, we provide used vehicle sales, auto auction purchasing, auto-detailing for interior and exterior surfaces, as well as tow services.